Branded Bag

In order to better service for you, here, we collected and introduced various Branded Bag product photo/design for your reference.Please note that we do not show our client's customized product. if you are interested, we will custom made Branded Bag for you.
  • kraft paper bag

    * PA000107

    kraft paper bag

    120gsm brown kraft paper
    one color Print for logo
    Tape Handle with knotted

  • Paper Bag

    * PA000106

    Paper Bag

    150gsm White/brown kraft paper
    100% one color Print
    Twsited Paper Handle

  • Kraft Paper Gift Bag

    * PA000054

    Kraft Paper Gift Bag

    180gsm brown kraft paper
    28cmW*35cmH*10cmG or Customized
    one color Screen Print
    350gsm cardboard on top and bottom
    Twsited Paper

  • Kraft Paper Bags

    * PA000056

    Kraft Paper Bags

    200gsm brown kraft paper
    one color Screen Print
    350gsm cardboard on top and bottom
    Tape handle with plastic tip
    Weight Limit:5-1

  • White Kraft Bag

    * PA000001

    White Kraft Bag

    100gsm white kraft paper
    2 color
    Twsited Paper Handle

  • Branded Bag

    * PA000104

    Branded Bag

    250gsm Art Paper

    Black color Print As customized

    Matt Lamination

    statin Ribbon with knott
    Die cut in the middle of top

  • Branded Paper Bag

    * PA000103

    Branded Paper Bag

    200gsm Art Paper

    Black Color As customized

    Matt Lamination

    Rope with knott

  • Branded Bag

    * PA000063

    Branded Bag

    200gsm Art paper
    1 color Printing on 2 sides
    Matte Lamination
    350gsm cardboard on the bottom
    Cotton tape 2.5cm*60cm with knot

  • Braned Bag

    * PA000055

    Braned Bag

    200gsm Art Paper
    1 color 90%
    Big Size : 40cmW*33cmH + 15cmG
    Samll Size : 23cmW*18.5cmH + 9cmG
    Matt Lamination
    350gsm cardbo

  • Kraft Paper Gift Bags

    * PA000053

    Kraft Paper Gift Bags

    200gsm brown kraft paper
    one color Screen Print
    350gsm cardboard on the bottom
    PP Rope handle with plastic tip
    Weight Limit:5-10

  • Brand Bag

    * PA000049

    Brand Bag

    200gsm art paper
    one color
    Shiny Lamination

  • Brand Bag

    * PA000048

    Brand Bag

    210gsm paper card
    red foil hot stamped
    Matte lamination
    PP rope

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All items shown here with various trademarks, brand names and logos (marks) are for reference purposes only.
The intellectual property shown on the listed product(s) belongs to third parties. These products are only offered as examples of our production capabilities, and are not for sale.
All products are made by customize, and produced according to the design,size and printing colors provided by customer;
All raw material and accessaries comply with EU and US stardards, and all inspected according to these standards.

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